As part of a number of sanctions against the Cuban dictators, the Trump administration has suspended all U.S. charter and direct flights to the island except Havana, cutting away a high source of revenue for the Cuban government. There is no doubt, the Cuban government was making billions of dollars from this revenue stream.  The Cuban government stated that the Trump administration is separating families. This is the same government that imprisons and kills its own citizens for years. Let’s take a look at which revenue stream is affects. Let’s start with:

American Airlines Cuba Trip during the Obama Administration.

Airport Landing Fees. Each airport in the world charges the airline landing fees base on the metric tonnages of the planes entering. That cost is part of the airplane ticket. Cuban supposedly slash those prices, but it is not known by how much. 
Luggage Fee: The luggage fees for someone just trying to take the necessities to their family are outrageous. The fees include $20 per luggage plus $1-$2 per pound, up to 70 pounds per luggage.  Their charter companies insist that the customer pay in cash for the luggage fees.  One has to wonder if part of those fees are going towards the Cuban government’s coffers or just for tax purposes. 

Car Rental Agency in Havana Cuba

Car Rentals:  The Cuban government rents cars to tourists starting at $90-$250 per day plus, insurance if needed. The Cuban rental companies’ price point is a determined season, low and high.  That has recently changed to a high and extremely high rate.  It is just another comical way of overcharging tourists for small super compacts cars. Not to mention, after years of use and abuse, those inexpensive and fragile cars are sold to the public at least 5 times more than its original cost. Furthermore, the tourists are also forced to buy premium gas at the gas stations within the country, which cost $1.20 per liter.  These gas stations only take the Cuban currency known as Chavitos.  The official exchange rate is 0.87 CUC per $1 USD. basically its a Tax for using US dollars, This does not apply to the Euro.

Hotel Capri in Havana

Hotels:   After the Obama administration allowed Americans to tour Cuba, the hotels’ prices in Havana skyrocket, an example was the Capri hotel.  This is the same hotel that was in the middle of the sonic attack that injured US embassy officials. The rate for a regular room was between $400-$600 per night. Now the hotel is empty and the Cuban government is feeling it pinch.  There are so many different revenue streams affected by the sanctions, but this 60-year-old nightmare seems to never end. It is time to send it packing.